Project: Avocado



So as you do, whenever you find a little project that you want to try, you call, MUM! can you help me. As I was in the process of setting up my new venture, I wanted to have a unique twist, something to share with the world.  I wanted all the table runners I would use in the business to be created with a natural plant dye. This way the colours would be outstanding and add a personal touch to each couples wedding. So I started to research. I came across a blog that explained how to dye fabric with avocado seeds, and I was like...what! Obviously when you think of avocado you think green, right?.. NO, pink? and was it the most subtle soft peachy pink I had ever seen. 

I called mum instantly so we could start the planning. Step 1, eat as many avocados as possible so we could save the seeds.

We purchased some beautiful white fabric which was a cotton and wool blend, perfect for dying! The original blog I read only used half a kilo of fabric and we had nearly 3 kilos! So we needed a pot large enough to fit this fabric as the avocado seeds needed to be boiled to release this beautiful colour. The ratio of avocados seeds to fabric was 3 to 5 seeds per half kilo of fabric. Yes, that equals 30 avocados seeds, so let hope your family loves avocados. 

We began by boiling the avocado seeds. We boiled 20 seeds for roughly 40 mins in a 20 litre pot, until the water was a deep maroon. We then let this simmer for another 20 minutes. We had another little pot on the go with 10 avocado seeds and 2 litres of water. The biggest pot we found, was not big enough, and this is why we call mum because they always have the solution. We had to use a plastic storage container for the dying process. We strained and poured the water into the container along with another 36 litres of plain boiling water and the 3 kilos of fabric.

Now for the 'poking stage' as I call it. The fabric had to be completely submerged in the water, however, I had some air bubble issues, so I sat at the container for 2 hours poking and prodding with a wooden spoon to make sure the fabric had an even consistency. The colour of this water was amazing, it continued to grow deeper in colour the longer we left the fabric in. When we were happy with the colour, we removed the fabric to a fresh bucket of water to rinse and air dry. Complete! This was a surprising easy and fun task, science is such a wonder. I can't wait to try our next dye, I'm feeling a lavender vibe, stay tuned. 

P.S Thanks Mum!